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Prepare to revolutionize your fantasy football draft game. Our data-fueled, AI-powered assistant delivers tailor-made expert advice, so you'll crush the competition. No sweat.

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AI-Powered Draft Kit

DraftEdge's AI-Powered Draft Kit is your ultimate companion during fantasy drafts. It provides real-time insights, player availability, and strategic advice tailored to your league and preferences, all in a responsive design that works across devices.

Player Insights
Drafting Strategy
Real-Time Updates
Responsive Design
Customized AI Powered Advice

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"The DraftEdge Fantasy Draft Kit exemplifies precision, clarity, and efficiency. Its data-driven approach ensures that your decisions are grounded in statistical rigor. Highly recommended for serious fantasy players."

Jeremy Phillips

- High School Teacher

"Honestly? I'm here for the snacks and the halftime show. But DraftEdge made me feel like a pro in our fantasy league, even though I still can't remember half the team names, I still cashed last season!"

Tate Patrice

- ASU Student

" Before DraftEdge, I'd spend hours Googling players and trying to figure out sleeper picks. Last year went 11-3, lost the SuperBowl by 4.3pts thanks to you guys. I'm back to win it all this year"

A. Mitchell

- Cardiac Nurse

" I've been neck-deep in fantasy football for a decade, and DraftEdge? It's like the Swiss Army knife of draft tools. Every feature, every tip - it's a gamechanger."

Java Joe

- Project Manager Construction

" Back in the day, I'd eagerly await the mailman for my weekly fantasy football results, the excitement building with each rustle of mail through the slot. Fast-forward to now, and with DraftEdge, the thrill remains, but the game's evolved. Their tools and insights are like nothing I've seen in my decades of play. It's a seamless blend of the old-school passion I love with the modern tech I never knew I needed."

Quinn Daniels

- Mostly Retired

Ready to Turn the Tables in Fantasy Football?

Why just play when you can dominate? Dive into DraftEdge's universe of top-tier advice, real-time data insights, and tailored strategies. We're here to elevate your game and keep your competitors always one step behind.

Machine-Driven Precision

Delve into hyper-accurate player projections. Our advanced machine learning churns through 24+ parameters of historical player data, ensuring you're armed with the best insights.

Your Personal Draft Guru

Why go generic? Our draft assistant zeroes in on your league specifics, roster gaps, and the draft's pulse, ensuring every pick is a masterstroke.

Expert Player Rankings

Dive into player rankings meticulously sculpted by our expert panel. Knowledge is power, wield it like a champ.

Masterclass in Positional Play

Why play guesswork? Compare players position-wise, balancing strengths and weaknesses to craft an unbeatable roster.

Historical Performance Analysis

Harness the might of our exhaustive historical player database. Pick gems based on tried-and-true performance metrics.

Drafting's Breaking News Desk

Stay ahead with real-time updates on injuries, trades, and more. When the game changes, be the first to know.

Player and Team Rankings

In-depth rankings of players and teams to help you identify top performers.

Draft's Digital Command Center

Engage with our real-time draft board. Track every play, every pick, and every strategy shift with a glance.

Crafted for Champions, Built for All

Boasting a sleek interface, our platform welcomes both novices and pros. Dive into advanced features with ease and amplify your draft day success.

Ready to Dominate Your League This Year?!

With DraftEdge, you get the competitive edge you need to crush your opponents. Unleash your fantasy draft potential and become the champion you were meant to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can not find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us or send us a Tweet. We will answer you typically within a couple hours!

General Questions

The DraftEdge draft kit is available for a $20 one-time fee, offering unlimited lifetime access to valuable insights and tools that help you dominate your fantasy drafts across all leagues and seasons. It comes with 5 AI tokens, with more available for purchase (if necessary), allowing you to use the DraftEdge draft kit as extensively as you wish.

Tokens are the key to unlocking DraftEdge's premium AI draft assistant, a powerful tool that offers advanced, personalized recommendations for your picks. This assistant analyzes your league, the current state of your draft, available players, your team's needs, and opportunity cost based on your draft trends and our projections.

You can purchase tokens in the following packages:
  • 5 tokens for $8: Ideal for those looking to explore the premium features.
  • 10 tokens for $13: A value package for more engaged users.
  • 20 tokens for $20: The best value, providing ample access to the AI-powered insights.

Each token grants access to a specific set of premium features for a single draft, allowing you to tailor your strategy and make informed decisions that align with your goals. More tokens are available for purchase, ensuring that you always have the cutting-edge tools you need to succeed in your fantasy sports endeavors.

Yes, registering for an account is essential. It enables us to store your league information and save your draft progress, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience tailored to your specific needs.

Absolutely! Our draft assistant is designed to support multiple leagues, allowing you to easily manage and track your drafts for different league settings and formats.

Yes, our draft assistant supports a wide range of league formats and scoring systems, ensuring that you receive customized advice and insights tailored to your specific league.

Our draft assistant constantly monitors real-time news and updates from trusted sources, ensuring that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information during your draft.

Our AI-driven draft assistant analyzes a multitude of factors such as player rankings, ADP, historical performance, league settings, and roster needs to provide you with the most informed and strategic pick recommendations.

Yes, our draft assistant is designed to be compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to access our powerful tools and features wherever you are, however, due to the large amount of data we strongly suggest a tablet or desktop when you're ready to draft.